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    It’s not just advertising
    It’s a visual experience.

About The Grid

Welcome to your home of advanced digital advertising.

The Grid is a pioneering digital display company that is revolutionising the advertising industry with it’s innovative products and solutions. The Grid has quickly gained recognition for it’s cutting-edge digital display screens and panels and is set to become a global leader in the market.
With Global DOOH advertising revenue anticipated to grow by 42% in the next four years. Reaching nearly 16.6 Billion Dollars by 2027. OOH media are faced with growing demands to provide innovative solutions.
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What We’re Offering

Digital Display Screens & Panels

The Grid specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality digital display screens and panels.

3-Dimensional Digital Displays

The Grid intends to be at the forefront of 3D digital display technology.

Holographic LED Screens

The Grid pioneers Holographic LED Screens that project three-dimensional images suspended in mid-air.

Custom Solutions & Integration

The Grid understands that every business has unique requirements.

Outdoor digital led screens

Thanks to technology, traditional OOH media has become digitised

It’s not just advertising,
It’s a visual experience.