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The Grid helps organisations and professionals connect to share information that encourages knowledge acquisition, peer-to-peer experiential learning, networking and keeping abreast of market intel and global best practices across industry sectors through well-curated and engaging conferences, off-sites, roadshows, seminars, panel debates, group discussion meetings and workshops.

The Grid talks to Adil Al Zarooni, CEO, Al Zarooni Emirates Investments

The Grid sits down with Adil Al Zarooni, the CEO of Al Zarooni Emirates Investments (ZEI). ZEI is the office managing Al Zarooni family assets in private equity, public equity, investments funds and real estate. Adil Al Zarooni talked passionately about his interest in …Read More

Our Money Mindset and Other Truths

“Your beliefs came about because they supported you in one point in life”

The Grid: Caroline, you talk about how our feelings towards money may hinder us or set us free. Namely, what is called ‘our money mindset’…Read More

Surviving a Psychopath Boss

“In reality, a psychopath boss is more likely to prey on submissive ‘yes’ people”

The Grid: Top executives often lose sight of themselves and morph into monsters, who, depending on the culture of the organisation, can go…Read More

“We believe in the transfer of actionable information that can be converted to knowledge and used instrumentally in business in the form of modified or new practices”.


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    I’d like to thank you for the amazing work conducted yesterday. We’re pleased to see The Grid conduct such an excellent and professional session. We look forward to holding more of such talks at The Cribb.”

    Abdulrahman Abdi
    Senior Manager, The Cribb

    “Positively surprised. The speakers quality and content and presenter. So much value in info that was presented.”

    Gerry Wyder
    Director, Human Resources, Atlantis, The Palm

    “I attended the ‘Family Firms: Taking Stock and Lessons Learned’ event hosted by The Grid. Being a fifth generation entrepreneur, the succession planning session really struck a chord. It not helped me not only put things in perspective, but guide clients who are facing similar issues.”

    Zayd Maniar
    International Liaison Partner, Horwath Mak

    “It was a pleasure meeting you today and attending the conference which proved very rich and insightful.”

    Mostafa Merzouk
    Corporate Relationship Manager, National Bank of Kuwait