The Grid helps organisations and professionals connect to share information that encourages knowledge acquisition, peer-to-peer experiential learning, networking and keeping abreast of market intel and global best practices across industry sectors through well-curated and engaging conferences, off-sites, roadshows, seminars, panel debates, group discussion meetings and workshops.

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Well-curated and Engaging Events

Talk to us about conferences, off-sites, roadshows, seminars, panel debates, group discussion meetings and workshops across industry sectors: market entry, business setup, entrepreneurship, immigration, training, compensation, employee management, finance, technology, leadership, advisory, sales and marketing, insurance, procurement, logistics, property, legal and expatriate services.

Video Content Production

For forward-thinking firms and organizations wishing to integrate narrative-based video communication, for easy shareabilty, into their online marketing strategy to share industry expertise and further establish themselves as the authority in the market.

Explainer videos, promotional content, thought-leadership across any topic areas. Click here for more details.

Digital and Print Content Creation

We work with organizations to create digital and print marketing collateral and other informational content for use in attracting and engaging prospects; building loyalty through thoughtfully designed content and in alignment with business value propositions and objectives.

Digital and print marketing collateral designed within branding guidelines across any topic areas.

The Grid Team

A Collective of Experienced Professionals

May Khizam
Founder & Chief Strategist
Shawn Jackson
Business Advisor
Tasneem Mayet
Research Director
Sahar Homami
Creative Video Director
Zunaish Hussain
Senior Video Editor
Nicole Leist
Marketing Manager

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