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About us

About Us

Your home of advanced digital advertising.

The Grid is a pioneering digital display company that is revolutionising the advertising industry with it’s innovative products and solutions. The Grid has quickly gained recognition for it’s cutting-edge digital display screens and panels and is set to become a global leader in the market.

With Global DOOH advertising revenue anticipated to grow by 42% in the next four years. Reaching nearly 16.6 Billion Dollars by 2027. OOH media are faced with growing demands to provide innovative solutions.

It’s not just advertising, It’s a visual experience.


The Grids vision is to transform the way businesses communicate and engage with their target audiences.


Pushing boundaries of creativity & interactive campaigns. Connecting with consumers in real time.


Helping propel OOH advertising towards expeditious growth and innovation.


The global digital media landscape by providing exceptional products that deliver immersive and unparalleled experiences.


The Grid will set the benchmark by shaping the future of digital advertising.


Redefining possibilities and achieving unprecedented success.